Essay Absolutisim in France

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Absolutisim in France

1) Age of Absolutism
2) Rise of Absolutism In France (1660-1789)
3) Administration of Cardinal Richelieu
4) Administration by Cardinal Mazarin
5) Rule of Louis XIV (1661-1715)

Absolutism is the key word that I chose as a most important issue that I learned in my

history class. Absolutism is also known as a strong and centralized monarchy, which are

some countries led to despotism. King was given absolute power by God’s authority over

his subjects and nobody could question his credibility. “L’etat C’est moi” (I am the State)

meant that king was able to make the law, translate it according to his will and also

enforce it upon his subjects. King controlled the military, church and
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Absolutist monarchs worked to control the disposition of the state’s armed forces, legal system and the collection and distribution of its tax revenues.
Absolutism attempted to “nationalize” the Church and it’s clergy and control nobles depriving it of political power, while increasing its social prestige.
Struggle between local and central power.
The Absolutism of Louis XIV.
Louis XIV, the Sun King

Fact, that I would find most valuable and interesting is ruling of Louis XIV, king of France between 1661 and 1715.

At age 23, Louis XIV took power over France after Cardinal Richelieu and

Cardinal Mazarin. Cardinal Richelieu was able to transform the feudal French Monarchy

into an Absolute Monarchy, by controlling opposition of the lords and destruction of


Louis XIV was not a man of a great intelligence, but he had devoted himself single-

mindedly to the task of ruling France. He was devoted and concientious person, making

himself a focus of his subjects loyalty, protecting and defending them.

In order to get nobles involved in a lavish living and ritual of absolutism, he moved his

court to reputable palace at Versailles, demonstrating his limitless power. His surrounded

himself only with trustworthy and loyal officials, expending the number of intendents

who were responsible for

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