Essay about ABA Therapy and Autism

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Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that effects the brains development. It is characterized by affecting communication, cognition and social interaction. The spectrum of the disorders ranges from a mild condition called Asperger’s syndrome to a more severe form, which severely impairer’s development. The Office of Communications and Public Liaison states that the disorder affects one and eighty-eight children, however ASD effects boys more frequently than girls (Office of Communications and Public Liaison, 2013). ASD emerges in all age, ethnic and socioeconomic groups. The significant varied character and severity of the disorder is why ASD is considered a spectrum that poses a broad range of symptoms.
Children who suffer
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ABA originally got started with John Watson, who argued that psychology should be based on observable behavior that could be objectively measured and verified (Don H. Hockenbury TulsaCommunity College, 2011, p. 8). His theory is used today in ABA, which has become significant in the treatment of ASD. ABA also uses B.F. Skinners theory operant conditioning to response learning, which uses consequences to modify the frequency of behavior. ABA also include Aspects Thorndike’s Reinforcement Theory

Participants will include eighty-eight male children who have scored a 7 on The Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers (M-CHAT) and been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder on the severe end of the spectrum. The age of the participants will range from one to five years of age. They will be recruited by an intermediary of the All Children’s Hospital, Autism Center in St Petersburg Florida.
Participants will be compensated by services rendered from therapy, as well as transportation related expenses incurred for participation in the study. Participants must have been recently diagnosed by a Developmental Pediatrician on the severe end of the spectrum to participate in the study. Parents of participants must complete cross-disciplinary training and work with a behavior analyst to create an individualized plan that is customized to meet their child’s needs (All Children's Hospital,

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