Essay about A Typical American Wedding

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A Typical American Wedding

Marriage. Are there any specifications to when someone gets married? When is it the appropriate time to get married? All these questions swarm my mind day after day as I envision my wedding. I don't believe those questions have a correct answer, but can only be answered by that person who is considering marriage. I on the other hand seem to answer those questions every day and develop a new answer everyday. As of right now I have been with my boyfriend, Forrest, for 3 years and two months. According to my stipulations of when to become engaged, I believe it should have already happened. We have each discussed it numerous times. My mom has subscriptions of wedding magazines that seem to arrive just as I walk
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The Meeting

It is important to acknowledge that many of us do not have the "love at first site moment" and automatically become married by that meeting. Typically couples, including myself, go through the typical meeting and arranging of dates. For example, my cousin, Kevin and Lisa met for the first time in 1998 at Centex Home Builders, their place of employment. Kevin at the time was a thirty-three year old, successful, ambitious driven contractor for Centex. Lisa, twenty-two, was a young, prospective, Administrative Assistant. Both were concentrating on their careers, and a relationship seemed out of the question. But after Lisa commented on Kevin's removal of facial hair in the office it seemed to catch him off guard and he began to notice the young assistant who gathered their reports. "I told him, when he came in the office one day, that I liked the way he looked after he shaved his mustache", Lisa said. Although that comment initially caught him off guard it seemed obvious that he let his guard down and began to contact her for various things. "I was in charge of relaying reports for the company meeting and at each meeting I gave it to all the employees including Kevin. But soon he approached me and told me that I didn't need to give him any more reports. I e-mailed him and asked him what reports, all of

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