Essay on A Most Bold and Brazen Dream to Pursue Writing

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Quite some time ago- I am not sure at what age and in which context- I began to ask questions. At first, this questions were basic. Why? What? Who? As I aged, those questions morphed into something more substantial inquiries about the world in which I dwelled. I clung to questions so I could survive in a world that seemed, at times, harsh, uninviting, and alienated. As long as there was still things that had to be asked, still answers that had to be found, and still fundamental truths lingering just beneath the superficial survive, the world as I was acquainted with it, was still a worthy, decent place. To cope with the questions that simmered and boiled inside me, I turned to literature. Poetry. Novels. Short Stories. Drama. If there …show more content…
Writing and reading have developed, naturally, over time, as tools to help my decipher the world in which I live and my place in it. So often, writing is looked upon as a solitary pursuit, an isolated career undertaken by social recluses with wiry gray hair and thick rimmed black glasses. I have found this not to be the case. I believe writing is best when shared, when dissected, when discussed by a group of people who are all unified by the common call, the summoning to dream the brazen dream as Whitman did. Or Thoreau. Or Poe. Or Ginsberg. There is a unifying thread that connects these dreamers, these gypsies, the individuals who meander about embracing the moment, recording their thoughts so that others may make their way along the twisted labyrinth, crawl through the absurdity of all, and soar on through to the other side. Quite often human beings do not actually soar on through to the other side, but drag along, feet scuffling the floor, heads tucked down to avoid any possible interaction with another human being or the world around them. But with his head tucked down, possibly that individual in question will remember the stanza of a poem he read once or a particularly affecting monologue in a play he saw while in New York City or even stumble upon a library with its shelves upon shelves of books. Then maybe- I do

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