A Freudian Examination of Yann Martel’s Life of Pi Essay

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Society is known to put everyone and everything into roles that, if or when the role assigned is changed, all hell breaks loose. Through Freud’s theory, he explains the behaviors that are associated with the id, the ego, and the superego. Being that Pi was someone who had been relatively well-off prior to embarking on his trip to Canada and then thrown into a new scenario that involves him becoming a starving survivor of a boat wreck stuck in a boat with a tiger that is threatening to eat him, it can be seen that Freud’s theory is displayed. When observing the events that take place throughout Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, it is observable that he creates an impressive relationship between Freud’s theory of the id, ego, and superego and Pi’s …show more content…
Rather than attacking the orangutan, it is shown that the hyena first made a meal out of the zebra’s broken leg because it was defenseless. Later on in the story it is revealed why the hyena had waited so long to attack the other animals; Richard Parker was apparently a stowaway onboard boat, causing the hyena to be nervous about taking food before the larger predator (Martel 131). The hyena was only attempting to fulfill its basic need of eating.
Thanatos is shown in Chapter 46 when Orange Juice, the orangutan, is depicted looking out over the water and Pi’s mood is said to have plummeted because of the thought that went through his mind. On page __ of Chapter 46, it states:
“She turned and brought her arm onto the tarpaulin in a motion that imitated exactly the way you or I would bring out an arm and place it on the back of the chair next to our own in a gesture of expansive relaxation. But such was clearly not her disposition. Bearing an expression profoundly sad and mournful, she began to look about, slowly turning her head from side to side. Instantly the likeness of apes lost its amusing character. She had given birth at the zee to two young ones, strapping males five and eight years old that were her-and our-pride. It was unmistakably these she had on her mind as she searched over the water, unintentionally mimicking what I had been doing these last thirty-six hours. She noticed me and expressed nothing about it. I was just another animal that had lost

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