A Dream with Deceit Essay

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A Dream with Deceit

In a world of uncertainty and disappointment, many people welcome the promise of happiness by any definition. In response to this, society offers the "American Dream," a guarantee of success through hard work and perseverance, as a path to contentment. Corporate America cunningly markets the "American Dream" to the public, and as a result the allure of wealth and status dictates the lives of many Americans. The elite and large corporations intentionally feed the idea of an "American Dream" to the general public because they depend on its widespread acceptance to maintain their undisputed power. The media has become a powerful tool for corporations to spread the ideals of the "American Dream" throughout
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Anyone who does not buy into the dream is immediately labeled as lazy, and therefore incapable of self betterment. The dream is commonly presented to the general public in a simple format, appealing to the idea that the U.S. is a country of endless opportunity. Colin Powell, a man who many believe embodies the "American Dream," has stated, "If you work hard, do the best you can, take advantage of every opportunity that's put in front of you, success will come your way," (Blue and Naden 309). The story of Colin Powell's rise to success from his beginning in a "poor black immigrant family," (Blue and Naden 306) is fed to the public, and minorities especially, as an example of what anyone can achieve with hard work.

Society, the media, and large corporations employ the "American Dream" as a tool for brainwashing society into believing that money and material possessions are indications of success, and that this kind of success will ultimately lead to happiness. As a result of pressures to conform and propaganda, people spend their lives trying to find a way to obtain the wealth and fortune that the media displays as being the supreme goal. People are taught that money brings success, and that this economic success is the path to happiness. In their fierce search for success, people often lose sight of what it means to belong to a community.

The myth of success may have been responsible for making the United States

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