A Christian Perspective of Poverty and Wealth Essay

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Poverty and human deprivation have been recognized as the most central challenges to the development of human society ever since the dawn of history. Alongside them is the issue of wealth, its creation, possession, distribution and our attitude towards it. Poverty is considered a major constraint to any form of development of human beings. The ways and means of eradicating it are now intensely studied and researched in several academic disciplines like economics, politics, history, sociology, religion, theology, ethics and even law. Tremendous amounts of resources and time have been spent on this problem by both governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutions
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Is the knowledge of the theory and practice of economics sufficient preparation to deal with this challenging social problem? These are the leading questions that this essay endeavors to shade some light on.

Though poverty is a relative concept, it is a multidimensional problem, encompassing not only the material aspects of human life but also its social, physical, mental and spiritual dimensions. The purpose of this essay is threefold: Firstly, to create an understanding of the concept of poverty and wealth in both the economic and Biblical-Christian perspective by analyzing the multiple dimensions of their definitions, causes and measurements. Secondly, to analyze the ethics of economics, the discipline whose jargon has largely influenced and provided the basis of the many contemporary approaches to the problem of poverty and the creation of wealth. Thirdly, to present the biblical-Christian world-view of the concepts of poverty and wealth as the basis for integrating faith and learning of economics and of any subject dealing with these concepts.


It is generally acknowledged that there is no single agreed definition of poverty. Although it signifies insufficiency of means (resources) to meet needs, the standard by which needs are determined is variable. There is no single worldwide standard of poverty and therefore no

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