A Walking Holiday In Costa Rica By Mary Essay

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A Walking Holiday in Costa Rica by Mary Novakovich – Answer Sheet

(a) Why were the writer and her companions visiting Costa Rica? [1]

The writer and her companions were visiting Costa Rica in order to write about their experiences of Costa Rica.

(b) What two reasons does the writer give for the sense of panic she refers to in paragraph one? [2]

The writer refers to the sense of panic by saying: “Scores of taxi drivers swarmed round us, making it difficult to find our gide who was to look after us during our walking holiday” and “but the lateness of the hour and the unfamiliar warmth of the night were having an unsettling effect.

(c) What do we learn about the writer’s feelings towards the spider from the phrase
‘deliciously creepy’?
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After an hour’s drive from the town of M’hamid, we reach, of all things, a schoolhouse, set on a small rise; here, a 4 x 4 awaits to shepherd me to Erg Chigaga Luxury Camp.
The brainchild of a transplanted English hotel executive, Nick Garsten, and a Berber desert guide named Moustafa Boufrifri, known to all as Bobo, the camp lies in the Erg Chigaga dunes, which climb to heights of 1,000 feet. The eight traditional caidal tents are connected by twin pavilions with ornate blackwork on their exteriors; inside, the walls are striped in bold red and cream, and thick pile rugs line the ground. Bathrooms have hand-worked metal vanities and hot- and cold-water buckets on teak platforms for hammam-style bathing (which uses only about one-tenth of the water required by a conventional shower—a crucial concession here, where it is the most precious commodity). Crimson wool runners crisscross the camp, from tent to tent and from dining to leisure pavilions; at night they’re banked with lines of glowing lanterns. Flanking one edge of the main area is a row of palm trunks, between which are suspended several hammocks—what Bobo charmingly refers to as Erg Chigaga’s “chill-out zone.”
Bobo himself—supremely competent and drily funny in five languages—lopes

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