A Sample of Phenomenological Paper

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My Thrifty Girlfriend: A Phenomenological Paper

I have a girlfriend who has been my blockmate for almost four years. We’ve been together for three months now. I can say that her family belongs to upper-middle class—her father is working for the United Nations, earning USD8000 per month and her mother works as a tutor for toddlers. She was actually my close friend before we dated. Before we became couple last April, I actually observed (and from her friends’ stories) that she was really really ‘thrifty’ with her money. Her friends would usually tease her because she would usually opt to eat her own baon whenever they eat in restaurants in Katipunan instead of ordering food. I also got irritated with her once because of her complaints
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She’s selfish. I mean, how could she, who has Php 30,000.00 savings in her bank account, not afford of taking me to any eatery along the street and let me eat? It is only food and nothing luxurious I was asking for. Food is a need. It is natural for a girlfriend to remind, if not provide, the needs of their partners. She told me once, however, that they were raised that way. Her parents would give them some cash every Christmas which they will save and deposit in their own bank accounts. She told me that her parents don’t typically spend money buying their wants—phones, clothes, gadgets, even a Starbucks coffee she asked her mom one time. Hence, they were trained to be thrifty. They were forced to save money to buy these stuff for themselves. But what really made me thinking was that she told me that that kind of upbringing is something that she’s thankful for. It was a good training because she grew up practical and wise in money. Then I thought, maybe I was wrong. Maybe she wasn’t really selfish, thinking only about her own concerns not others’. Maybe her being ‘thrifty’ is a good thing. Consequently, what is selfishness? I reckon being selfish is when you think only about your own welfare to the extent that you become stingy to others. My girlfriend wants to spend her money more wisely because she is going to buy her wants which her parents don’t provide. She never treats me to eat somewhere because she is saving her money to buy her

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