A Rose for Emily and the Feather Pillow Essay

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Damian Oronoz
Mr. Lpez
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17 May 2010

A Rose for Emily & The Fetter Pillow Essay Hocus pocus in a dark castle, black cats over the graveyards, and two men writing gothic literature. Characteristics of gothic literature include ruined sinister buildings, dungeons, underground passages, crypts, and catacombs which in modern houses become spooky basements or attics. In “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner and “The Feather Pillow” by Horacio Quiroga, the authors use spooky setting, fantastic plot, grotesque characters and use of the supernatural as elements of gothic literatrure.
Faulkner and Quiroga use setting as an element of Gothic Literature to foreshadow that somethings will happen because the setting is mysterious.
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A setting like the houses on both Faulkner and Quiroga's story, can make it mysterious and unpredictable of what is going to happen.
Faulkner and Quiroga use mystery as an element of Gothic Literature to get the reader's attention and create suspense. This is seen in "A Rose for Emily" when Faulkner describes that Homer disappeared, and no one ever saw him again and Emily was lonely seen. For example in the story said " A neighbor saw the Negro man admit him at the kitchen door at dusk one evening. And that was the last we saw of Homer Barron." (Faulkner). This quote from the story causes mystery not only for the people but for the reader. It's scary because we do not know what happened with Homer until the end. This mystery let us wondering what happened to him. The use of this element is also seen in "The Feather Pillow" when Quiroga describes how the parasite was killing Alicia. For example in the story said "She has a great weakness that I am unable to explain." (Quiroga). In this quote the author leave us in suspense and mystery of what is going on with Alicia. This creates that we start to speculate and have horrifying ideas. The two Gothic stories creates a suspenseful mood with the mystery is going on the stories. Also both stories talk about how women are suffering because at a man.
Faulkner and Quiroga use women in

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