A Recommendation Report for Water Provision Methods in Arid Region of Egypt

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A recommendation report for water provision methods in arid region of Egypt
1 Introduction
1.1 Aim
This report aims to compare and recommend water provision methods for arid region of Egypt. In order to identify what water provision methods are suitable for arid region in Egypt, this report will firstly compare two water provision methods which are desalination and water reuse by considering three requirements in relation to the specific situation of Egypt, which are cost, environmental impacts and public acceptance, finally, this report will recommend water reuse as a water provision method for Egyptian arid region.
1.2 Situation of water shortage in Egypt
Egypt is particularly
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As illustrated on Figure2, in the first stage-pretreatment, the cost of desalination is $320/m3 while water reuse merely cost $161/m3, which is quiet less than desalination. For the second stage, the cost of desalination is $624/m3 in contrast the cost of water reuse is $321/m3. As the result of total cost, desalination and water reuse are $944/m3 and $482/m3 respectively. Comparing the two numbers, obviously, water reuse possesses significant economic advantages by that it’s cost is only a half of desalination. Therefore, water reuse is a cheaper water provision method than desalination and should be paid more preference in economic considerations.

Figure2: Comparison of cost between desalination and water reuse Source from: Côté et al. (2005, p.256)
5.2 Environmental impacts
With the similar distinction in cost, desalination and water reuse represent a more apparent contrast in environmental impacts. Generally, water reuse is environmental friendly on the contrary desalination harms the environment to a certain extent. To be more specific, in terms of desalination, the environmental impacts would be a problem due to the byproduct of high concentration seawater which contains more than 36,000 mg/L of halogen. (Younos, 2005, p.12). When the high concentration sweater is discharged

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