A Dannon Csr Case Study Essay

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Case Study: The Dannon Company
Teresa P. Cambare
Southern New Hampshire University
OL-690 X3474 Responsible Corp Leadership
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Case Study: The Dannon Company

The Dannon Company is a subsidiary of Danone whose heritage dates back to 1919 and founded by Isaac Carasso in Spain. When Carasso immigrated into the United States in 1942, he established Dannon Milk Products, Inc. in New York, changing Danone into “Dannon” to make the name sound more American. Like most startup companies, Dannon faced challenges as a company until several decades after, in 1988, when Dannon capitalized on the advantages of having an FDA approval that they had one of their first most successful product launches. Since
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- Claudia Sargent, Director of Media. (Marquis et al., 2011, p.11-12). d) If communicated through a well-thought out campaign, it can help distinguish Danone’s and Dannon’s connection as a company and commitment to health and nutrition which can generate the external credit it has long deserved from its covert CSR efforts. - Gayle Binney, CSR Manager. (Marquis et al., 2011, p.13). Although communicating Dannon’s CSR programs may have some clear benefits, based on careful analysis of the stakeholders, several redundant themes on its risks had also been identified. Two of these risks identified by Arosio were; (1) First, since Dannon provided intangible benefits, it will be difficult to measure its return on investment (ROI), and (2) if the consumers are not clear on which company had been promoting the publicized CSR programs, its competitors could take advantage of a potential halo effect which poses a potential loss on investment for Dannon (Marquis et al., 2011, p.9). Pollock added that in terms of its ROI measurability and cost for making such an investment, his concerns were if the idea would only become a sacrifice for short-term profitability with not much promise of a long-term value (Marquis et al., 2011, p.10). Sargent, on the other hand, emphasized that Dannon’s benefits were brand specific and that the communication should be done on a brand-campaign basis so that reallocating the funds for

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