A Comparative Essay Between I Want a Wife by Judy Brady and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin

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A Comparative essay between I want a Wife by Judy Brady and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin

Jane Austen in her book Pride and Prejudice mentions that In 18th century England, a girl was not supposed to do much, other than look pretty, demure, not too intelligent, and prepare herself for marriage by educating themselves in music, drawing, dancing, needlework, etc. In a similiar context Judy Brady in her own short story I want a Wife speaks about how she herself being wife would love to have a wife who perform all the required duties assigned with this stereo-typical image. Judy Brady's short story is a clear example of Feminist writing and is dripping with sarcasm, just as Jane Austen, who is considered to one of the pioneers of
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Brady’s extremely short story drips with sarcasm while Austen’s novel uses the lead characters and situations to show us our cynical society and its demons.
Brady being a fairly recent writer obviously speaks of modern day duties of a wife and what is expected of one in modern society and almost lists them, like taking care of children, entertaining guests, taking care of the house, sacrificing their career and satisfying the husbands needs. But it is the manner of her writing and her use of the language and its nuances that clearly defines the irony and true meaning of those words. Austen’s work is more formal and literary, using dialogue and characters to show those same duties and how they are expected of women, but also uses situations to show how it can be changed in some cases.\ In essence both stories deal with the same issues using different tools, forms, and styles of writing to convey the same point. It is in interesting comparison considering the difference in time when each story was written but by and large both stories get across their point in their own unique ways, of how a wife is also a free person and not a slave and how society must realise

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