Zynga Company Case Study : Development And Success Of The Company Zynga

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Zynga Company Case Study
The development and success of the company Zynga as with many startup companies has had many ups and downs to struggle through. Mark Pincus is the founder of Zynga and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Mark was previously operating under a company named “Presido Media” that name was later changed to Zynga after Mark’s bulldog named Zinga had passed away (Takahashi, 2011).
The company provides social games that work as stand-alone in phone platforms like Android, windows phone and Apple which are facilitated through the company’s social networking websites like Google Plus, Tencent QQ, and Facebook. Zynga’s first revenues came from Myspace where the majority of gaming companies were making money off of ad-based games. Mark looked into the future and soon realized that Facebook would win the race in social media, in 2007 Zynga released its first poker game through Facebook (Takahashi, 2011). Mafia Wars, Farmville 1 & 2, Words with Friends, CityVille, and ChefVille are the companies’ most notable games and revenue generators.
Zynga’s mission to this day is to “connect the world through games”. A perfect analogy given to summarize Zynga’s objectives is “the company’s ambition is to become as synonymous with play on the internet as Google is with search, Amazon is with shopping, and Facebook is with sharing” (Takahashi, 2011).
The top executives in the company are as follows; Mark Pincus: Founder & Chief Executive Officer,…

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