Zotter Case Study

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If the testing of market reflects promising results, then the product is ready to be introduced to wider market. Some organisations introduce or roll-out the product in waves with different parts of market to receive product on different schedules. It permits the organisation to ramp-up production in a controlled way and to modify the marketing mix as the product is being distributed to different new areas (Freng Svendsen, et al., 2011).

3.3. Marketing Problem 2
Another issue related to the marketing aspect for Zotter is found to be positioning of new developed product while expanding the product line. The strategies for product positioning are different and the selection of any one strategy is important in the context of marketing products
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It is of his concern to decide whether it is the right time to introduce his brand of chocolate into new markets. The development strategy of global strategy as international business can differentiate three forms of international expansion arising from the resources, capabilities, and international position of organisations like Zotter. If the organisation like Zotter is focusing on its home market, then the strategies outside the domestic markets can be considered as international. It is initiated with the consideration of extent to which the local variation can be made to a brand (Zeriti, et al., …show more content…
However, it is the most widely used strategy within major markets across the globe by business services, fast food chains, and hotels. It is appropriate for the replication of business format or model, which may include fast food retail menu. The franchising as a strategy is limited in the ability to adapt due to the fixed guidelines and business format. In such strategies, the local service employees are considered as important differentiating factor and they will be local in the aspects of orientation if they are operated within internationally consistent format (Aliouche & Schlentrich,

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