Essay about Young Males And Young Black Males

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These findings show that young black males in the U.S. have lower well-being than young non-black males. The Gallup index also says, “Young black males as a group also have higher unemployment, lower graduation rates, less access to healthcare and higher incarceration rates than other racial, age and gender groups in the U.S.” In addition, as one of the five elements of well-being, Gallup sees a particularly wide gap in the "community" component of well-being among unemployed young black men. Gallup and Healthways define community well-being through several individual metrics, including those that measure liking where you live, feeling safe and having pride in your community. Respondents are categorized as thriving, struggling or suffering based on their respective levels of well-being. The findings show that among non-black males aged 18 to 34, the percentage who are suffering also increases with unemployment, but more differently than is seen among blacks, from 16.6% to 25.0%. The implications of these finding indicates that the absence of a job affects the well-being of young black males distinctly more so than their non-black counterparts. Having a job allows black males to have the money to spend on themselves and in their communities, giving them more opportunities to experience and learn new thing and feel worthy or increase self-esteem. The absence of a job, in turn, usually leads to less desirable living conditions, more time spent in less safe conditions and…

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