You Ll Never Walk Alone Analysis

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“A tower of Paulaner”, a classic beverage ordered by every German before a plate of raw gulasch and a side dish of salzstangen. That is what Jürgen Klopp, manager of Liverpool ordered when we had our first dinner meet. “Don’t worry about the payment, you relax” he said with a calm tone, not that he was trying to be nice, rather he is just that kind of a guy. Just by looking at him you know you’ll have a good time as if he’s motto was, “No party without Klopp”. His wondrous and rare smile made you feel safe as if the world had just become a better place, all conflicts in the world had just stopped for a second and glared at his smile to create that glimmer of hope that peace does exist. And that is what Klopp had established in the people of …show more content…
Everyone in the restaurant had placed each of their arms over each other and sang, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Klopp brought everyone together, even making everyone sing with the same tone as we had woken up the people’s house nearby as even they joined us.
“With hope in your heart…YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE”. Everyone continued to sing stopping all the cars on the streets and the cooks, encouraging them to sing with us and they did so. That bar tone of everyone singing, “YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE”, was present in the restaurant as we became one whole family. Just as our second serving came, the time for my question had arrived as it was more calm environment now. “How do you remain so positive, laugh all the time?”. And once again, that lump of anger grew as he laughed, even choking on his Rindfleisch, but just as before it was that smile that made the lump disappear for the final time. “This is why,” he said as if I was supposed to shake my head up and down already knowing what he was talking about.
“When you came here, you were nervous I’m guessing”
“Well of course” I

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