You Can Go Home Again And Waiting At The Edge : Words Towards A Life

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Native Americans as a nation have stuggled to find their voice in the never ending void of White America. America as nation has strived to subordinate Native Americans on what originally was Native American land and voice their dilemnas as if it were they own. However, Americans can’t realte to their problems as they deploy White Supremeacy daily. As a result, whenever someone is different from America’s norm, in this case Native Americans, people are quick to mention and insult their differences. In the essays "You Can Go Home Again" by Mary TallMountain and "Waiting at the Edge: Words Towards a Life" by Maurice Kenny, both writers are in search of their identites. Throughout their lives, they 've been mocked and felt out of place due to their Native American heritage. Both authors wanted to disown their heritage; however, it is through this attempted renunciation that both authors wanted to fit in amongst their peers. In order to do so, TallMountain and Kenny had to search for their selves. Both, TallMountain and Kenny, searched for their identity through family, school, and nature. At a very young age, TallMountain 's family was nonexistent. The emotions she felt as she lost her family and her homeland was something that she never anticipated. She witnessed the harsh comments that came from her tribe and the Anglos. TallMountain states, "the village disputed the adoption, and the Anglos censured it" (5). Both parties resented each other even though it would 've been best…

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