Yellow Woman And Beauty Of Spirit By Leslie Marmon Silko Essay

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In 'Yellow Woman And Beauty Of Spirit ', Author Leslie Marmon Silko tells stories from her childhood and recalls the struggles she faced as she learned about modern day racism, sexism, and what it means to be considered beautiful. Silko ends her work with the conclusion that women can accept their sensuality, and while embracing themselves become ‘beautiful’. And In a world as progressive as our own, I agree that it is important to accept one another and we should not shame women and men for breaking gender roles and expressing their own sexuality.

First off, I would like to speak on the subject of gender roles. I am a woman who works in an environment that is very heavily influenced by gender roles and gender stereotyping. The work is very rough and it is a job primarily centered around body strength. Because of these factors, most of the employees in this facility are male, and the few females who are also employed are treated as the weaker sex. Almost every day I see the women in this workplace often being seen as and portrayed as a sex who cannot work nearly as hard as the men. Our work is seen as being of a lesser quality, and we are seen as being less dependable in comparison. What I have just described for you is very different from the image Silko gives, in fact it is a near opposite. Silko paints a very beautiful picture for the reader as she describes the olden days of her tribe, a tribe of strong, healthy women who did rough work throughout the day, men who…

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