Essay about Yan Martel 's Life Of Pi

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Yan Martel’s Life of Pi is an account of a young boy’s journey against incredible odds. Born to a family in India, Piscine Molitor Patel or also known as Pi grew up in the small town of Pondicherry. His family later set their sights on Canada and boarded a ship to take them there, however during their journey the ship capsized. Pi the only survivor, along with Richard Parker, a tiger, survived 227 days on vast Pacific Ocean eventually making it onto shore. Although Pi’s retelling of his incredible journey introduces themes of storytelling and survival (Life of Pi Themes), at its core, lies the thematic topic of religion. Yan Martel interweaves 3 major religions into Life of Pi to present a wonderful and imaginative story which is centred on religious faith. Indicative from Pi zealous religious faith giving him the will to survive, Pi’s acceptance of 3 religions in harmony and the constant presence of religious symbols through the story. The story begins with the introduction of Pi’s childhood, where the reader learns of his desire to love god and understand him, resulting in him simultaneously accepting 3 religions together. Initially his love towards God came under criticism from both parents and relatives alike, like Mr. Kumar stating “Religion is darkness” (Martel 29), however his experiences only served to strengthen his bond with religion. In the retelling of his childhood, Pi brings up the question: “We are all born like Catholics, aren’t we – in limbo, without…

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