Xmgt/216 Business Ethics Across Culture Article Review Essay

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Business Ethics Across Culture Article Review
Matthew Todd
June 2, 2012
Mike Ishmael

Business Ethics Across Culture Article Review

The first article I would like to elaborate on would be one about business ethics in Singapore. This country has the reputation of being very strict in nature and sometimes unforgiving in the consequences that they often give to people. Over time they have loosened their grip on social matters but still seem to be strict in their manners of business. They follow through with business transactions and promote all around good ethics in business as a normal practice. This article explained the results of a survey that was completed in January 2010, by companies that were members of the Singapore
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(Fleming, 2010) Compared to the U.S., Singapore is strict in their ways of business. This is a good thing to be strict in since business is so important to the well being of a country. Singapore has stiffer penalties than the U.S. for breaking some of their codes of conduct. Not to make lite of laws in the U.S. because we have paved the way for business ethics for so many other countries. That being said, each business does set their own code of conduct, and it is difficult to put a whole countries ethical values, and beliefs into each business. It’s up to each individuals business as to how important certain issues are to them. The U.S. being so much larger than Singapore, it has a broader range of business styles and industries, so comparing them is not very accurate.

These countries are both melting pots for various cultures. Granted that Singapore is mainly populated by Asians, but has a decent mix of other cultures as well. Since it exists at the tip of Malaysia, there are many Malaysians, and Philippenos that live there. The U.S. is a melting pot as well, with even more of a mix of cultures. This can broaden the range of business ethics so much more because of cultural and religious differences and how they associate with business.
The second article is about the Dominican Republic. Dominican’s have a strong family base, which all of their major decisions are

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