Xerox : Gender, Discrimination, And Discrimination Essay

862 Words Nov 9th, 2016 4 Pages
In today 's workforce, employees still face discrimination and unfair treatment due to their gender, age, race, and sexual orientation. But some companies have been better at embracing diversity than others. Xerox started accepting minorities and transgender employees in the early 1990. Xerox explains the reasons why having employees from different backgrounds was important for the company. Diversity can lead a company to maximum standards as did for Xerox.
The case diversity leads the way, explains the acceptance of diversity and states that it did not begin with CEO Anne Mulcahy, it begun in 1960 with first chairman, Joseph C. Wilson. Wilson took the step to consider diversity part of the workforce for Xerox, and begun to hire African American to have equality in the workforce. By 1970 the company officially begun to hire minorities and by the 1980`s females were taken into the workforce and were also family friendly, providing flexible hours of work. In the 1990`s gays, lesbians and transgender were provided equal opportunity on Xerox workforce.
Xerox has been rated by many recognized magazines as one of the top ten companies in hiring minorities such as woman, disabled, gay and lesbian employees. Xerox is also the most admired company in the computer industry and this is due to Xerox focus on diversity. Xerox knows by recognizing and respecting diversity and empowering individuality, Xerox creates productive people ad an innovative company and considers different ways of…

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