Essay Wwi And The Deadliest Conflicts

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WWI and WWII are two of the deadliest conflicts in human history. With over 98 million combined casualties these wars changed mankind. What made these wars so deadly? Why did they even start? These wars are actually more similar than generally perceived.
WWI (1914 -1918) starts when Serbia assassinates Austria-Hungary’s Archduke Ferdinand and his wife. The assassination causes Austria-Hungary to declare war on Serbia. Russia declares war on Austria-Hungary causing Germany to declare war on Russia. Germany declares war on France and Belgium. The invasion of neutral Belgium causes Britain to declare war on Germany. A German blockade on England sinks the Lusitania killing American civilians. Germany’s continued use of unrestricted submarine warfare combined with an intercepted telegraph urging Mexico to go to war with America thrusts the United States into the war.
WWI weaponry consists of small arms, machine guns, flamethrowers, poison gas, airplanes, and U-boats (Sass). The early machine guns are primitive and bulky but deadly. Firing around 600 rounds per minute the machine guns effectively move the war to the trenches. There the flamethrowers and poison gas suffocate soldiers in the trenches. In the skies, dogfights consisting of numerous planes mounted with machine guns are taking place. In the ocean, U-boats become deadly because they can destroy boats without easy detection.
One of the opening battles of WWI is "The Battle of the Frontiers" in which 27,000 French…

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