WW1 AND WW2 Essay

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World War I and World War II

SS8H7 The student will evaluate key political, social, and economic changes that occurred in Georgia between 1877 and 1918.
d. Give reasons for World War I and describe Georgia’s contributions.

World War I

_____330) What countries were allies in World War I? a. United States, France, Austria-Hungary, and Great Britain b. Great Britain, France, United States, and Russia c. Germany, Russia, and Austria-Hungary d. Germany, Japan, and Russia

_____331) What was the “final blow” that led President Woodrow Wilson to ask Congress to declare war against the Central Powers in World War I? a. anti-German propaganda in the United States b. attacks
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Overextending trade agreements.
b. Giving businesses too many loans.
c. Encouraging people to invest in the stock market.
d. Not doing anything to help solve the country’s economic problems.

_____344) Georgians did not feel the impact of the stock market crash because
a. the state was already in a depression.
b. banks were protected by state insurance.
c. citizens had little money invested in the stock market.
d. the state constitution prohibited investing tax dollars in the stock market.

SS8H8 The student will analyze the important events that occurred after World War I and their impact on Georgia.
c. Discuss the impact of the political career of Eugene Talmadge.

Eugene Talmadge

_____345) What Georgia governor served during the Great Depression and spent a great deal of his time speaking out against the New Deal, blacks, and the metropolitan areas?
a. Ellis Arnall
b. Eurith Rivers
c. Richard Russell
d. Eugene Talmadge

_____346) Which policy did Governor Eugene Talmadge support?
a. public welfare
b. voting rights for blacks
c. reduced property taxes
d. federal assistance programs

_____347) From what group of voters did Talmadge receive his greatest support?
a. rural voters
b. black voters
c. wealthy voters
d. women voters

_____348) Which issue did Eugene Talmadge support?
a. integration
b. states’ rights
c. higher taxes
d. white supremacy

_____349) What action by Eugene Talmadge resulted in the loss of

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