Essay Wuthering Heights : Did They Conform?

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Dracula and Wuthering Heights: Did They Conform?
Both the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and Dracula by Bram Stoker conform to the societal norms of their time but not in a direct way. The characters in Wuthering Heights like Catherine for example, do make decisions like marrying Edgar Linton instead of Heathcliff which is a reasonable decision as she wants to keep her status and be rich. The characters in Dracula, especially the females, conform to society as they do not meddle in other people’s business and the men go out to work. There were no women doing jobs other than secretaries, like Mina and all the doctors and lawyers were men. In both of these novels, the literary expectations were not conformed to as both Wuthering Heights and Dracula were unlike anything written at their time.
Dracula was unlike the other vampire and romance novels of its time and David Seed said that “the main emphasis in Dracula criticism has been on its sexual themes” . This novel was very sexual, but in an indirect way; “It is obvious that the very attraction of the novel was that all this sexuality was masked and symbolic” said Stephanie Demetrakopolous. Normally at that time, these sexual themes would not be as ever-present as they are throughout Dracula but this “novel introduces issues that the English characters treat as taboo and that can be understood only by probing beneath the text 's surface”. Stoker kept the book very indirect about the sexual themes so he could keep…

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