World Wide Web Essay

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The world wide web is a pool of information where documents, files and web pages can be found and shared. Internet servers support specialised documents for the world wide web. It is not to be confused with the internet, as the world wide web is an application running off the internet. They are identified using URLs (Uniform Resource Locator), using hyperlink links to link one page to another. Information on the world wide web is formatted in HTML, which transforms into information in the form of text or graphics, or allows links to be connected to other documents. Web browsers are used to access the world wide web and therefore 'surf ' the internet. It was founded in 1989 by Sir Tim Berners Lee to allow the internet to share and distribute …show more content…
This service can be provided by internet service providers, and is usually incorporated into a general internet access plan. They provide space on a server which clients can then buy or loan for a fee. They also provide colocation; in which data center space and internet connectivity can be made available. Other applications, such as an email address may also be available. They can also provide a control panel for users to install and modify web scripts for modification of a website. Types can vary from simple services such as a web page hosting and file hosting on a smaller scale. The expense of this type of service varies depending on the user; business web hosting is often more expensive whereas personal web hosting can be free to the client. There are many types of web hosting services, such as free hosting services (paid for by sponsors), shared web hosting (website is on the same server as other websites in which typically they share a pool servers resources, e.g.:- the RAM and CPU), reseller web hosting (allowing the clients to host their own web sites and virtual dedicated servers (diving server resources into virtual servers so resources do not effect …show more content…
Emails can send text, files, images and video over the internet to other users. Usually internet service providers will provide an email address, although some corporations such as Google (Gmail) and Apple (iCloud) will also provide email addresses for the public. Domain name registrars will usually be able to provide email addresses for employees at businesses. Emails are usually connected to gateways to other computer systems via the internet, meaning e-mails can be sent to a multitude of users around the globe. Components within an email system will usually include a way of writing messages (sometimes with customization) and a mailbox which emails sent to the user will appear

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