World War Two : A Global War Essay

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World War Two was a global war, which was from 1939 to 1945. Not only the soldiers, but also the Australians at home were heavily impacted because of the war. There were many divisions and tensions, however, people seemed to still be united as a country. Women were especially affected as most of the men were serving in the war so they had to take up the man-dominated jobs. Most families were disturbed due to the war, which had caused fear within the country. Government controls were also placed over the lives of the Australians, restricting them in many ways.
Before the war, it was expected that a working man was the main source who supported its family. A woman who worked was thought to have been supporting her husband who couldn’t afford to support the family with one income. When the men went to war there were shortages of labor, which is why women were recruited to manage the jobs men normally would have done. Propaganda was used to tell the women of the country that for the first time they could do a man’s job. This image on the right is an advertisement used at the time to encourage women to join the workforce by giving the notion that they would be victorious. The role of women took a new aspect; they became the financial head of the family. They were encouraged to help the war by joining volunteering organizations, such as the Australian Red Cross, the Country Women’s Association and the cheer up society. This had allowed more women to enter the workforce than…

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