World War II And How America Changed The Economy Of The United States

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World War II changed many things in the United States. America was just coming out of the worst depression ever to hit the country. Things were still not normal in for the United States, going into World War I the United States had one of the best economies in the world, and all of that came to a halt after the stock market crash in 1929. Things for many years made life for everyone very difficult, farmers lost their farms and the dust bowl made it nearly impossible to even grow crops for those who still had ownership of their farm. City people did not have it any easier, as many people were being cut from their jobs and factories were going bankrupt forcing them to shut down.
The United States did not get up and running again until after
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During the war they would need more things like guns, ammunition, tanks, and war airplanes. Many factories shut down their normal production items and started building these needed items to send over to the war being fought. All this new production, factories, and jobs being thrown into the industry really brought the economy to a better place. The economy was still in recovery mode from the Great Depression, so all these new jobs helped boost the economy back to its former glory. Considering how many men joined the military at the time, they needed a different type of work force, women were finally starting to come along and start working more in factories and other types of work to help any way they could. They started to replace all the men that had recently been apart of the workforce and learned how to do more industrial type of jobs. There were even propaganda posters about women joining the wartime workforce, such as the famous “We Can Do It” poster advertising that women could anything that men could and have been …show more content…
For the most part African Americans, and other minorities, had not been able to serve in the United States military along with the other white soldiers. But during World War II, African Americans and other minorities, were able to serve along side with the other soldiers finally. This step was just a small one in the long run of completely abolishing racism throughout the country. This one small step did make a difference for many types of minorities and many men from these decided to enlist and serve in our military.
America was among the midst of a period of sense of pride and patriotism. Many people started watching films over the great war and became really in touch with the facts and fake stories about the war. People even became infatuated with sitting around the radio and listening on about the ongoing war in Europe and in the Pacific. Many people enjoyed listening to the radio stations set in from the front line and were able to hear the action that was taking place. As more and more would happen in the war, many people became dependent on the new updates spitting out from their

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