Reasons Why The Allies Won WWII

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Without the American home front helping there is no way that the Allies could have won WWII. As significant to the war as it was, it also helped change some things here too. The home front helped win the war, diminish some racism issues, and develop technology and the economy. After Pearl Harbor, the country worked together across the board to make sure that we won against Japan and the rest of the Axis powers. The able men healthy enough to help the army enlisted in huge numbers. The ones left at home rationed everything that they could. They went with a little less food so that the soldiers could have more. They went with less new shoes for the family so that the soldiers could actually have shoes to fight in. They went with using less fuel …show more content…
There was also racial discrimination for jobs. A black could apply for a higher job with perfect qualifications, but if a white, even one with no prior experience in that field, also wanted the job; it would normally be given to the white. During WWII, an executive order went out that created the Fair Employment Practices Committee that discouraged job discrimination. This led the way towards the no job discrimination that we are supposed to have today. With the discrimination at an ease, the employment rate of African American doubled from what it had been. There was also less racial discrimination in other things such as the military. When before no blacks were allowed to even think about joining the military, WWII needed as much help as possible. Because of this, blacks were allowed into the military, but only in the blacks Corps. But there was only so many spots to fill in the black Corps. This is why most blacks went to work, and were finally allowed in upper jobs. The WWII home front also helped lessen racial discrimination after the war was over. It helped because the whites actually accredited that they had helped them win the war, so the whites treated with slightly more respect. This was significant to the outcome of WWII, because using them in our military and our workforce strengthened both greatly enough to provide more effort towards

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