Essay on World War II : An Ideal Situation For African Americans

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World War II, was known to be a “people’s war,” fighting to end imperialism, racism, totalitarianism and militarism throughout the world. The United State’s involvement indeed contributed to global change, but the profound changes that occurred on the home front during World War II ultimately reconstructed the social and economic structure of the United States for decades to come. War-culture America during WWII reinvigorated the economy, while offering abundant opportunities to minority groups in the United States. The newfound liberties given to minority groups spurred movements aimed at expanding civil liberties to all American regardless of one’s race or sex. The United State’s victory in WWII not only strengthened the country’s international power, but also stimulated the power of the American citizen to stand up for their rights as citizens living in a democratic society. The era during WWII dramatically transformed the course of history significantly more than previous eras. The United State’s involvement in WWII stimulated the civil rights moment. The war served as an ideal situation for African Americans to express their disappointment in their unequal treatment. Howard Zinn, in his analysis of WWII, questions the reality of a “people’s war,” considering the unequal treatment of the minorities groups on the home front. African Americans found it ironic that the United States was supposedly fighting a war against racism, when American policies did not exemplify…

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