Essay on World War II : A Different Look

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World War II: A Different Look
Imagine a world in which America had actually lost World War II. Consider the impact the Nazi’s would have had on the world if they were to win. It can be hard to determine as there can be multiple scenarios to how this would play out. Along with this, there is no true way to determine what would have happened. The book, “The Man in The High Castle” takes a look at what the world would be like if the Axis powers had won World War II. The story takes place about twenty years after the war had finished. The Man in the High Castle is contrasting to World
War II because both had different outcomes of the war, both events left the world in a different state than when it started, and each war saw different approaches to the war.
The events that took place before the war in both stories set the stage for how the war would play out. Many people have thought of different scenarios of how the world would have been if the Nazi’s had won World War II. This scenario is discussed in a video at fifty eight seconds where in 1933 FDR is assassinated during a speech he was giving to the public in Miami
Florida (“The World of ‘The Man in the High Castle”). This event ultimately led the United
States to an economic and socioeconomic downfall as the policies set in place by FDR would not happen. In addition, FDR would not be able to pull the United States out of the Great
Depression. This led to the US not having enough to fund their military, or help fund the USSR…

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