World War I And The Russian Revolution Essay

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“To what extent did World War 1 contribute to the Russian Revolution?”
In 1914 the ‘Great War’ began, there were many nations who were involved in the conflict, such as Germany, England, Ottoman Empire, and the most backwards country out of them, Russia. During World War 1, most of the countries involved were democratic and their people had basic human rights. Russia was two centuries behind the rest of the world because of its absolute monarchy who refused to make concessions for the population, also Russia was in the middle of dealing with revolutionary groups such as the Bolsheviks. During World War 1 there were a lot of issues in the home front for Russia as there was mass poverty, little food supplies, and dislocation of transportation railways. A main issue in the home front that was not particularly caused by the incompetence of Tsar Nicholas II was that their sea trade route was blocked by the Ottoman Empire.
World War 1 was not the only factor for two revolutions in one year, as there was a revolution twelve prior to the February and October revolutions. Tsar Nicholas II was the last tsar of Russia before the Russian Revolution. “Nicholas II, who assumed the throne with trepidation upon his father Alexander III’s death, was a clumsy and ineffective leader” (SparkNotes Editors, 2009). This was evident when Nicholas II did not respond to the events of ‘Bloody Sunday’, a catastrophe that caused two-hundred thousand protesters led by Father Gapon peacefully up to the…

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