Essay about World War I And The Jewish Community

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Introduction It is human nature to question what is the meaning of life. It is within this realm that we use our moral compass to seek the answer.
In the beginning of 1933, life was becoming increasingly difficult for the Jewish community in Germany. Germany, during this time period, was scarred from World War I and the spirits of its citizens was diminished from its defeat. The humiliation of the peace treaty that held Germany accountable for reparations paved way for the rise of the Nazis and its ideologies. In demand for vengeance, Adolf Hitler led an army to restore Germany its strength and confidence in its future. Using propaganda, Hitler was able to increase the number of followers to believe that Germans were in fact, racially superior. The new Germany consist the idea of purity which means eliminating those who do not fit the criteria. This includes the Jewish community, seen as inferior and tainting their superior traits. The ideologies defined and developed the new laws and decrees. The country first isolated the Jewish community from rights and protection under Germany’s laws, gradually increasing the hostility and the dehumanization of Jews, and eventually carrying out the ‘Final Solution’ to exploit their labor and annihilate Jews altogether. When Soviet troops finally began to liberate the camps, six million Jews were perished. The remaining survivors struggled to grasp their emotions, their dignity, and their strength to return to a normal life. Through…

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