World War I And The Cold War Essay

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Four short years, nine million dead, 21 million wounded; this was World War I. Between 1914 and 1918 eight countries in Europe, including the United States, fought against each other and formed allies. It the beginning, it was suppose to be the war that ended all wars, but unfortunately world war II came along, thus it became world war I. This Great War was unlike any war before it’s time; there was new technology such as tanks and machine guns, as well as new tactics such as trenches and war at sea. The physical geography affected the outcome of the war in great measures. Mountains, sea, and flat land made the countries develop new tactics and strategies to fight the enemies. World War I was known for it’s trench warfare, but what it’s not acknowledged for is it’s war at sea. Trench warfare was used before WWI, but not to this high of extent. In this war, trenches were used for both protection and shelter. There was extreme amount of barbed wire and land mines on the battlefield. This infamous battlefield area was called “no mans land.” The area many men fought it was geographically flat; therefore, they made these trenches for the protection. The trenches were a series of tunnel like ditches in the ground that helped for people to move up and down the battlefield, as well as, get food, ammunition, and medical assistance. Also, due to the new generation of modern warfare, then came new weapons. The most common weapon created in WWI was the machine gun. They were used to…

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