World Regional Geography: Exam Questions Essay

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World Regional Geography
Exam III Questions

1. Why do some scholars believe that China may become the next global superpower? Do you agree? Why or why not? Include specific facts regarding China to support your view.

- Why China will become a Superpower o China’s government exported $762 B worth of goods in 2005 – an increase of 28% from the past year o China imported $660 B worth of goods in 2005 – and increase of 18% from the past year o Total foreign trade in 2005 was $1.4 M – this makes China the third-highest ranking country, preceded by only the United States and Germany – precedes Japan now; this is the first time that China has grossed more than Japan o A decade ago they made
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Describe the problems and future prospects facing the new countries of ‘Turkestan’.

Kazakhstan: - territorially larger than the other five combined but situated astride an ethnic transition zone - Russian’s constitute 30% of population (15.2 million) - Capital- Astana, clearly a forward capital. This placement symbolizes Kazakhstan’s cooperative relationship with Russia and its confidence as the richest economy in former Soviet Central Asia based on its oil, natural gas, and mineral resources. - Kazakhstan is the corridor between the Caspian Basin’s oil reserves and china( Oil and gas pipelines across Kazakhstan could eliminate, or greatly reduce China’s dependence on oil carried by tankers along distant sea lanes.

Turkmenistan: - with important frontage on the Caspian Sea and bordering Iran and Afghanistan - population of just 5.9 million, 75% Turkmen - traditionally nomadic Muslim people, many of whom were forced into sedentary farming during the country’s days a s a Soviet Socialist Republic. - Post-independence, a former ruler reinvented himself as Turkmen patriot, banned all opposition, and outdid his erstwhile Soviet masters in his own control over education and religion - Garagum Canal (Kara Kum)- designed to bring water from Turkestan’s eastern mountains into the heart of

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