Essay on World Is Transitioning From A Nation Based World

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How do you identify yourself when you meet someone? After introducing yourself by name, do you continue by saying where you are from? For example, in a Vancouver context, would you say that you are from Canada or the Pacific Northwest? This paper investigates the degree of global politics influenced by regional institutions more than national alliances and entities. This paper will argue that to a large extent the world is transitioning from a nation based world to a regional world using three examples: Catalonia, the Arctic and the European Union.
Regionalism consists of the idea that politics are conceived in regional rather than national terms. Catalonia is an example of growing regionalism as a sub-state region in Spain. Catalonia is not an independent state therefore the region constantly has to negotiate with Spain. Consequently, this creates “increasing tension between Catalonia and Spain” (Garcia 401). Political geographer, Garcia refers to Catalonia as “a group that is located in a non-dominant position and whose members, who are citizens of the State, have ethnic, religious or linguistic characteristics that are different to the rest of the population” (Garcia 412). It is clear that she identifies major fundamental differences between those who originate from the state of Spain and those from the region of Catalonia. The region of Catalonia has developed its own history, dialect, and cultural attitudes different to the state they are apart of. Ironically, these…

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