World Is Flat: The World Is Flat By Thomas Friedman

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The World is Flat
This book written by Thomas Friedman, describes how the world is fused and how the boundaries of the geographic location of the world becomes irrelevant. What I found in the book, there are a variety of factors that make the world move toward increasingly flat: ranging from the collapse of the Berlin Wall factor, which is Friedman described as the most important factor for the emergence of an increasingly globalized world, and factor the information technology revolution triggered by the invention of the internet and open source software movement. The book expresses a variety of complex issues with language that is light and easy to understand, Friedman formulates what should be done by the community and individuals to adapt
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In the chapter one, Friedman told about Columbus and a story of his trip to Bangalore, India. He said that the world becomes flat in the sense of competition between industrial lands with market developing countries are already equal. Until he gives some of examples of companies in India and China are becoming part of the global market supplier chain and from this point I have a little idea about “The world is flat”. I think the world is flat mean how people can connect to each other easily due to the development of technology and globalization. Moreover, I found about how America done a lot of things in India such as tax, client service, and CT scan with low wedge cost, and how a company in India trains its employees to speak English without their Indian accents to answer phone calls as from all over the world to assist customers. I was so surprised about these facts! And from this point I got something that can attract my interest from this book. The fact that hospital in American sent image to India, and people in India will interpret and diagnosis the image and send it back to America in 24 hours. Also, how JetBlue employs housewives in Utah to operate a reservation system for its flight. This example shows how outsourcing makes everything convenient, effective and …show more content…
Friedman said “the revolution in connectivity constituted a major flattening force. “ I agree with his statement. It is because I can see that an Internet becomes a spearhead of why world become flat now. The Internet has revolutionized the way the world does business both locally and globally. We can see the way that most of the companies use the Internet for everything because they have found a wide range of benefits for their businesses by using an Internet, such as online business, which makes the Internet as the main tool to access its business. Additionally, I believe the existence of the Internet can break the boundaries of space and time. For example, a company in India has the same opportunity to access the US market compared with companies in Europe, and inversely companies in America can access to the Indian market can also be done easily. All these examples show how an Internet can open a lot of great opportunities in the

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