World History And Philosophy : Final Paper

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World History and Philosophy: Final Paper INTRODUCTION In the beginning, man had thoughts. He had a view of the world and he had God to walk alongside him and shape his ideas. However, there would come a time where God would no longer come down to speak directly to man and his heart. Looking through history, one can observe that men began to have new and different ideas from what God had originally intended. Man began to try to make sense of the world, of his feelings, and of God. Philosophy was born. Some men strove for the same God-centered worldview, while others rejected God altogether and tried to explain the world from a godless perspective. Today, philosophy is still very much alive. It is constantly moving, changing, morphing, conforming, and impacting the lives and decisions of every person on earth. I have been privileged to complete a detailed study of the deep, innermost workings of philosophy. I also came to the realization, that one does not need to be a philosopher to have a philosophy. Every person has a worldview that shapes who he is and makes him unique. Therefore, every person has his own philosophy. However, there have been many philosophies by great men throughout history, whose ideas helped to shape and drive the beliefs, actions and advancement of society. From examining their work, I have come to a much better understanding of what my own philosophy is. This paper will address my presuppositions, the philosophers that influenced my own personal…

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