Essay on World Health Organization And Their Health

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World Health Organization states that differences in gender starts from the distinct behaviors and roles of male and female in an individual culture and are dictated by gender values and norms in that culture (WHO, 2014). Therefore, it is essential to study how both sexes, different sexual orientation, and people from different cultures approach their healthcare and how they feel about their health. Researching on particular population can result in interventions that are specialized to certain groups. These tailored interventions can be more efficient in the population they were done on, and on the hand, not beneficial in the treatment of the general population.
We both define being healthy as living in a place where one can enjoy life fully or reside in a country with proper living standards, and with a health care system that provides the necessary things for daily healthy living. We both believed exercising helps in keeping good health. My definition of being healthy is eating and living a healthy lifestyle that differed with his definition. He believed being healthy is living in a place with health insurance and clean water to drink. Focusing on the quality of food is what I believe can help one to maintain ones good health. Avoiding fast foods like McDonalds and Burger King helps to maintain better health. I also count the number of calories I take in, and the activities I do each day to maintain good health. While my interviewee believes that good quantity of food…

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