World And Me Themes

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World And Me, Coates conveys the black narrative to a life of struggle. An over arching theme is the oppression by the police in black communities. Coates has seen first hand police brutality and murder, but also the policies that promote such oppression. Mass incarceration grips the family structure and effects future generations. Without father figures children are raised in unstable homes with inefficient guidance. The war on drugs has the greatest effect on low income minorities more than anyone. Government is meant to serve the people, not police them. If government can’t preserve the basic freedom of the people or police its own laws, how can one expect the government to control the private sector? Capitalism is designed for individuals supplying goods that others demand. Only through failure and success can the market speak to what it demands. No government policies can influence the decisions of the individual, only fear of …show more content…
His book describes the premise of America’s cruel beginning. Ever since his ancestors boarded the docks in chains, the black history has seen continuous oppression, in Coates’s opinion. These oppressions have created not only unequal outcome, but also unequal opportunity. The institutional racism consist of unequal education, imprisonment, and housing. All of these problems begin in the urban black communities. Black people still face forms of segregation. People are crammed into highly populated and neglected cities; cities with poor infrastructure, low paying jobs, and poor school systems. Many of the cities and communities have high crime rates that have parallel incarceration rates. Because of high incarceration, single mothers are forced to work and provide for children who are not being supervised. The high school drop out rate is much higher in these areas then richer

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