Working Hour And Happiness : Two Perspectives Essay

962 Words Nov 17th, 2016 4 Pages
Working hour and happiness: two perspectives In today’s society, due to the continuous economic status of inflation and instability worldwide, more and more people would only feel secure and happy when they make enough money to maintain their standard of living. Under the rising pressure on competing for survival and the growing desire for better quality of life, people have to throw themselves into the work at an increasing working time. On the other hand, since individuals are not the only group affected by the economy, private companies and as well as public organizations also require for new operation mode of high productivity at lowest costs, which means less employee but with more workload assigned. Consequently, working hour is getting longer than it used to be across the world. However, does working longer really work all the concerns out the way as people expected? Do people feel more secure and satisfied with their life now spending more time on working? The answer is obviously controversial. Some may say yes because working more means earning more, and they could definitely make some changes to live better with more money; some may not tell much difference because they always distinguish work itself apart from living; others may feel frustrated because working longer has affected many ways they never thought before. While most working-happiness related studies so far focus on the relationship between income and how happy people feel, and most of them agree…

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