Work And Energy Essay

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Like many words in science, specifically physics, common words are misused. Work and energy are perfect examples. Did you really ‘work’ like you said you did? Do people really feel your positive ‘energy’? What really is work and energy?
Work is not just you trying to do things mentally or physically. In physics, work is a measureable quantity. It is only a physical thing and it is only truly work if something truly gets done. Work is done when energy is transferred. The formula for work is force (constant and with direction) x an object’s displacement (W=Fd). It’s important to know that it’s only work if it’s the force that causes the object’s displacement. This means that just because something moved doesn’t mean that it was work. A commonly
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This is due to the force causing delay in displacement. So if the directions are different then what? Well of course no scientist and mathematician would ever let that be; there is simply another formula. Taking into account the direction or the angle if you look at it from a mathematical perspective, a new formula was made with the same basis formula previously mentioned. W=Fd cos⁡θ is used when force is exerted at a certain angle but not at an up or down angle. In that case the formula would change a slight bit again and it’d be: W=Fd sin⁡θ. Work is measured in joules but its related formula for power is measured in watts. Watts are equivalent to joules/second. We even more commonly hear “horsepower”. One horsepower is actually 746 watts. But still, what is power? Power is work over time. This implies that the higher the power, the lower the amount of time it took to get the work done compared to a power with a lower quantity. Power’s formula is P=W/t but can also be P=Fv due to all the same …show more content…
Well, although there are many types of energy, energy simply means having the ability to do work. Potential is one of the bigger and more known types of energy. Potential energy is simply energy that is stored in an object. For example, pulling back a rubber band with your finger; the rubber band has potential energy. Gravitational potential energy is specifically when potential energy is in an object because of its y-axis position. This simply means that an object can have gravitational potential energy because you or something is holding it up in the air. There is a formula for this (PEgrav=m*g*h) which is proportional. By making the height a certain times bigger, you make the gravitational potential energy that same amount bigger. But this isn’t the kind of potential energy that the rubber band from earlier has, that is elastic potential energy. Elastic potential energy comes from stretching and compressing an object. In the rubber band’s case – stretching. The more you stretch it, the more the potential energy. A case of compression would be like pressing down on something that will, after it is released, bounce back. Potential energy is measured in Joules like work. The other big category for energy is kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is about the energy of motion. There’s 3 specific types of kinetic energy. Vibrational kinetic energy is based on vibrations, rotational kinetic energy is based on rotations,

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