Women's Brains By Stephen Jay Gould

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Historically, war have been a vital between counties for control over each other. For century war have been fought mainly over power and control. The battle over power and control have led to the matter of life and death, a path either to safety or to begin ruin, but in all cases it led to death and ruin many individuals home and life’s. Likewise, War has been and still is one ways or reason to influence and the spread of “culture”, “civilization” and mostly importantly “religion” (Michael Lee Lanning). During many battles throughout history different groups of individuals were taken advantage over. Moreover, in a patriarchal society women, people of color, and also people of different religious groups are treated, unequal which causes an impairment and prevent women, people of color, and also people of different religious groups from attending wealth and freedom. A center issue in defining whether war is the best way to gain power and control is determined by three writer point of views. Robert Braun “The Holocaust and problems of historical …show more content…
Gould’s essay focus on three researchers George Eliot, Broca, and Gustave Le Bon in the late-nineteenth century and their belief on women brains. During the mid- to late-nineteenth century, it was a society which as ideas of masculinity. Eliot widespread belief that women were innately inferior to men in regards to intelligence. Broca studied the on women’s brains, concluded that women 's brains were smaller than men 's, so they clearly were incapable of reaching the intellectual heights of men. Secondly Le Bon was "horrified" at the suggestion of the social reforms which would grant women access to higher education on the same basis as men. His belief that women was misunderstanding the inferior occupation which was naturally given to her, which was stay home and take care the

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