Women 's Unity : The Cornerstone Of Feminism Essay

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Women 's Unity: The Cornerstone of Feminism The core argument and motive of feminism has always stayed the same, to gain equality for women and no longer be treated as second class citizens. What has changed dramatically over time is which women are considered deserving of this equality. Simply put in early feminism some women were more equal than others. What equality means and how it will come about has also changed dramatically for the feminist movement. Originally equality was seen as having the vote, than women having greater control over their own lives and today it 's about women making the same amount of money as men. Of course these were not the only aims of feminism but were central goals throughout the movements history. The movements aims have constantly changed and evolved as there goals have been accomplished. This evolution of goals is not unique to the feminist movement but can be seen in all civil rights movements; the feminist movement now has the third wave similarly the black civil rights movement now has black lives matter. In all movements of social justice they grow more inclusive and more radical in their goals for equality. Feminist writers in the mid 20th century like Simone de Beauvoir who wrote the Second Sex in 1949 addressed the fact that women did not have unity. Beauvoir noted that unlike other groups such as jews, blacks ,and most notably the proletariat women have been unable to achieve further equality because they lack unity.…

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