Women 's Suffrage During The Early Nineteenth Century Essay

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During the early Nineteenth century, a new type of woman began to emerge; she was one who wanted more from life, and more rights and freedoms for women. This change within feminine culture, in part, is due to the women’s suffrage movement, and was defined by the changing culture of World War II era America. During this post World War II-time period of 1880- 1945 gender roles began to change both within the dynamic of the family and outside of it, women were also breaking new ground within the workforce. During the early Nineteenth century a change in the role of women came about culture within the culture of America; women began to become independent of the income of their husbands, if they had one, and began to experiment with jobs that gave them better wages. Many women began to enter into desk jobs, which had predominately male until that point. This surge of independent women into the workforce lead to the creation the creation of unions specifically for women; for example, the UPWA, which was founded to increase the women’s working opportunities in the nineteen-fifties at obtaining higher earning jobs (Dubois & Dumenil 549). This newfound union allowed for the groundwork of the feminist movement to be laid, and allowed for the movement to become more inclusive of women from the middle, and working-classes. The change from women’s role of being the matron of the house, or in other words controlling the sphere of domesticity, to that of a working class woman, like the…

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