Women 's Suffrage And The Suffrage Movement Essay

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One of the central issues associated with the first wave of the women 's movement is women 's suffrage. Suffragists used multiple platforms to spread their message and to advocate for their rights. "I Wonder If It Is Really Becoming" is a political cartoon that was created with the intention to further the suffrage movement, and to inspire women to fight for their right to vote. The creator of this document took her stance in a bold, compelling way. Therefore, the author of this document successfully achieved her goal of creating an attention grabbing and inspirational political cartoon. It is obvious that the author of this document was female from her use of the term "we" when inequalities experienced by women were referred to . It can be assumed that the author of this document was of middle to upper class, as she had both the time and means to create and publish this document. A woman of lower standing during this period would have had little time to create such a document, and if she did it is unlikely that she would have had the connections have it published. The document also reveals the author to be an equal rights feminist, since her arguments are focused on emphasising the similarities between men and women. She has argued that it is unfair for women to have less rights, even though they share many similarities with men. This is demonstrated in the document by the feather that reads, "we are taxed, why not represented" . The author argued that since women are…

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