Themes Of Virginian Luxuries

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Virginian luxuries depict the common tendency of most Americans, which also includes our Founding Fathers in the grounds of enjoying their liberty that undertakes physical violence, sexual harassment and slavery practiced by the common people and slave owners. The brutality, slave practice, violence, sexual harassment etc. conducted by the white people based on their race and power over the African American men and women are featured in “Virginian Luxuries”.
The three races described by Alexis de Toqueville are the White or European, the Negro and the Indian. Toqueville describes the whites as the superior people all in terms of their intelligence, power and enjoyment. Similarly, following races are the Negro and the Indians who do not share any common characteristics but their misfortunes and lie at an inferior position in the country suffering from tyranny. Alexis compares the white race as a man while the other two races as animals, whereby the man uses the animals for his purpose and later destroys them incase the man cannot subdue the animals. The Negro race is isolated between
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The document explains how men and women are created equal by god with equal rights to their respective life, their liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It has shown how a male dominated society has been in existence throughout our civilization, where men tend to push women through absolute tranny. The document also highlights the common practice of male during the nineteenth century, where a woman is deprived of her basic rights; men monopolize the employment, keeping women from education and under the glass ceiling, etc. Gender relationship during the nineteenth century was very unequal and unjust for women and the male always dominated women in all aspects morally, physically, mentally, economically

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