Women 's Sexuality As A Way For Asian Women Essay

1825 Words Nov 15th, 2016 8 Pages
Throughout history, Asian women have been made into sinister, sexual beings. A long history of Asian women being degraded and viewed as nothing but sex workers, has led to them being viewed in an extremely hypersexualized light. In recent years, many people have become more aware of this issue, and it has become topic of debate. Many believe that allowing Asian women to act out their sexuality in ways that are reflective of racialized sexuality is harmful because it allows said stereotypes to continue. Others believe that that point of view is limiting and harmful to Asian female sexuality. In this paper, I will be arguing that I am in favour of race-positive sexuality as a way for Asian women to embody their sexuality. First, I will explain what exactly race-positive sexuality it is. I will look at the history of Asian women and how that still impacts their sexuality today. Last, I will discuss sexual freedom, and how it applies to Asian women. Race positive sexuality is a way for both sides of the Asian female sexuality debate to remain happy.
Race-positive sexuality is a concept that allows for racialized sex acts to be used without harming the already shaky perceptions of a women of specific races. The key point of race-positive sexuality is that people understand that the stereotypes have a long, complex history that play a major role in why they exist, while also understanding that it is okay for them to bring pleasure by viewing or participating (Shimizu, 2007, 25).…

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