Essay on Women 's Role Over Men

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Yes, our conversation was "sisterly". Ha ha. We had a couple of discussions on women in ministry. I was raised to believe that women are not to be in a leadership role over men; however have changed my stance on that recently, for many reasons. We don 't have to debate that if you don 't want to - your mind seems pretty made up and mine is too.

We should discuss this as it’s important to the both of us, we can love each other and still disagree, I disagree with my brother on most things but I love him to bits. I would be interested to know what changed your mind on this matter.

You sound as though you are wise beyond your years! At 13 I was foolish and headed into some major rebellion. How old are you now? Is your brother older or younger? When my mum died I lost it completely, I adored her, what little girl doesn’t adore her mum. she taught me the Piano at 4, and the Violin at 7, I loved her, so I loved music too, I would have loved scrubbing floors if she did lol, oh and I learnt the flute at school, I was not wise at 13 I was driven by my need to look after my family, believe me between the age of 11 and 13 I was a nightmare. My brother is older than I, how old do you think I am lol, I won’t be offended by whatever age you say.

Amazing that at your age you can debate with atheists! I don 't even know any atheists but today I heard something on the radio that really made me think. It 's nothing new, but it had new meaning for me (for some reason).…

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