Women 's Role During The 19th Century Essay

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During the 18th century, the women’s role in society was restricted to the house and to her family, therefore limiting their job options to domestic related chores, as teachers and in department store. However, women attained certain rights such as the right to own property, right to wages and a right to an education. This wasn’t enough for many educated and middle class women, who wanted to tackle issues of social equality, equal wages and the most of all, more active involvement in their government. The first moment began when the National Society for Women’s suffrage was formed in 1868. Women lobbied parliament to grant the society’s importance. However, lobbying proved to be ineffective since most of parliament consisted of male members who were deeply rooted in conservative beliefs. A new group formed in 1897 known as the National Union of Women’s suffrage, whose lobbying, demonstrations and petitions were also ineffective to gaining the right to fight. Emmeline Pankhurst, founder of the Women’s Social Political Union, used more violent tactics for progress in women’s suffrage such as destroying property of Parliament members who outwardly declined support for women’s suffrage. In Pankhurst’s Why We is Militant?, Emmeline justifies the violent actions of women to gain suffrage because of Parliament’s inability to pass reform policies, double standards of women using violence as supposed to men and a man’s ignorant and derogatory view of women. Pankhurst…

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